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Can metal domes afford high temperature reflow?

by admin on September 7th, 2011

Recently we received several customers asked whether the metal domes can afford high temperature reflow? and the metal domes if will have the deformations or force changed?

The material of metal dome is stainless steel, in general, our metal domes operating temperature is -40-100 degrees, so if the operating temperature close to 100 or more than 100,  there is definitely change for metal sanp domes, including force and resistance.

Some of the customers put the metal domes on the PCB, FPC and then SMT soldering, the temperature reaches 200 degrees, the performances will be definitely affected, and changed. Although we do not do this test, but is certainly metal snap domes can not pass the high temperature reflow. So now if it’s the only way to put metal dome on the PCB after reflow temperature , so does it work?

We hope to discuss with the friends who know this issues of metal domes, please leave your message. CMD manufacturing engage in providing a variety of solutions for customers.

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