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Snap Dome Manufacturer and Supplier in China

by admin on November 20th, 2006

We are the leading snap domes manufacturer and supplier in China for membrane and other switches for many years. Snap domes also named the metal domes, tactile domes, which are widely used in the membrane keypad, and as a switch parts are also in a number of other electronic products, medical equipemts, etc. Please see below for more details informations:

1. Many difference shapes items, including circle, cross, triangle, oblong snap domes.

 2. Actuation Force: From 80g to 5000g are available.

3. High quality and very competitive price

4. More than 10 years in this industry.

 As a leading manufacturer of snap domes in China, we have a wide kinds of snap domes as that if you need the samples or have inquiry, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

 If you need more information, you can contact our website or see the below relative subjects:

1. Specifications of metal dome

2. Specifications of dome array

3. FAQs

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