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Snaptron metal dome

by Andy on April 27th, 2010

I think many guys know the Snaptron metal dome in our industry. Because Snaptron is the most famous company to make the metal domes in USA.
Although the quality of snaptron metal dome is very good and stablity, but the cost is also high. Especially this time is economic crisis period, we should low down our cost to win the marketing.
So I think you can choice our metal domes, CMD Manufacture Co., Limited is the leading metal dome,snap dome manufacturer in china,our quality is also very good, I’m not sure if it’s better than Snaptron, but I think it almost the same. Our four-leg metal domes are very stablity and the life cycles can reach to one million times. The most imprtotant is the cost is very competitive compare to Snaptron.

Please contact us for the more information, I think you can get your satisfied in our company. We have the Professional sales to be at your service.

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