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The specifications of dome array

by Andy on November 7th, 2005

This time please follow me to know the specifications of metal dome array:

1. Mylar: Transparent, the thickness is 0.05mm on the top layer
2. Spacer: White or Transparent are available. The thickness is 0.075mm, 0.010mm, and 0.0125mm.
3. Adhesive: Thickness is from 0.02 to 0.05mm.
4. Peel-off-paper: It support the metal dome array. You can peel off the metal dome array from the paper, and then stick it onto the PCB. It’s transparent and the thickness is normal 0.07mm.
5. Outline: the size we can make at most 88*78mm. We can make as your  PCB drawing.

Do you clear about the dome array now? If not, please contact us for the more information, we are glad to be at your service.

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