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The overall thickness of our metal dome array

by admin on March 10th, 2008

We have got some questions about the whole overall of metal dome array recently. It’s because that they have the requirements about the travel of their products, and if there is enough spacer for the metal dome array, such as the membrane switches. So they need to know the overall thickness of the metal dome array. Please see the below information for this issue:

Now, the structure of metal dome array is double layers, Mylar and Spacer. So the overall thickness is equal to the thickness of the Mylar + Metal dome. There, we should ingore the thickness of spacer as it paralle to the metal dome, and the thickness is more thicker than spacer. Let’s look an example: 12.2mm, 280g, without dimple. The thickness of mylar is 0.05mm, the metal dome is 0.08mm(material)+ 0.67mm(travel)=0.75mm, so the overall is 0.05+0.75=0.80mm. Now, do you know the height if is it okay for your product now?

I think now you should be comprehensive understanding for the overall of the metal dome array. If there is still anything unclear, please contact us for more or see the follow relative subjects:
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