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Venting for dome array

by Frank on December 13th, 2016

What’s the Venting for the dome array? The movement of air is called “venting” and is important so that the metal dome functions properly. Lack of venting can cause adverse affects on the feel and function of the switch. While venting is not absolutely necessary for every application, it is desirable in almost all applications. When the metal dome is depressed, air is trapped underneath it. To avoid compressing the air under the dome when actuated, it is recommended that a vent channel be present.
The venting of the metal dome can be achieved a number of different ways. Some Examples: a.) vent channel can go from dome to dome via a spacer layer b.) dome arrays can be top vented through the polyester material c.) vent channel can go through the board. Not properly venting the dome will result in significant loss of tactile response.

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