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What parameters of metal dome we should to know?

by Frank on May 6th, 2010

What parameters of metal dome we should to know? We have got some inquiries about the metal domes from customers, but they don’t know the parameters of metal dome. So it’s diffcult for us to go smoothly. Ok. follow me to know the parameters(specifications) of metal dome you shoul to know before purchasing:

1st, The shape: we have four shape metal dome, circle, four-leg, triangle, and oblong metal dome.

2nd, The force: you should to know the force of metal dome you need. What’s the force, you can see our FAQs

3th, Diameter: 4th, Plating, do you need the plating for the metal dome?

Others, such as dimple or not? legs with metal dome? and the length?

Hehe, maybe it’s a little confused now. Never mind, please take a little time to digest it. & then you will clear about the parameters of metal dome you should to know.

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