Custom Metal Domes

Custom metal domes, are that in additional to our regular circle, triangle, four-leg, and oblong metal domes, we also provide some other more specific shapes to suit different customers in the design and product needs. Such as the metal dome with center hole and with legs of the four-leg metal domes(snap domes), see below pictures, we have the diameter 12mm, 10mm, 8.4mm four-leg metal dome with center hole and 11mm four-leg metal dome with legs.

Metal dome with hole

If you have the other specifications and the drawing of the metal domes, we can produce them according to your needs.

Our company has the more experienced engineer, strict production control system, skilled operation staff, precision mold development, and accordance with the ISO9001, to ensure to the quality of our snap domes.

For more information about the custom service, please contact us anytime, we are glad to be at your service.