Dome Array

Dome array (metal dome array) is pre-loaded metal dome carriers backed with adhesive tape, which are normally applied to PCB, FPC, membrane switches, etc.

Normally, the structure is the double layers. There is spacer attached under the Mylar that carries metal domes contacts. The way to assembly is vey easy, quick and effective. When you pressed the center of domes, it contacts the PAD of PCB, and then let the circuit closed, this is the metal dome array how to work.

Our metal dome arrays are just made as your design drawing, so we can manufacture metal dome arrays with various sizes to meet our customers. As a leading manufacturer in China, according to how many pieces of metal domes customers’ used, we have the follow items:

1.   Standard One Key Metal Dome Array            it’s just one metal dome(snap dome) with the adhesive film.

2.   Custom Metal Dome Array                          There are several metal domes(snap domes) with adhesive film.

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Mobile phone market
Membrane switches, FPC, PCBs.
GPS systems
Morden Medical equipments
Electronic products: MP3 players, Digital cameras, Camcorder, Portable CD players, Toys Cordless Phones 
Home Appliances: Microwave, Dishwasher, Dryer, Commercial scales, remote control
Others: Entertainment, Office, Security systems, Industrial, Telecom Handheld instruments.