Double Adhesive Metal Dome Array

Double Adhesive Metal Dome Array, the difference of the normal custom metal dome array is that there is additional adhesive tap on the top layer.(There is still adhesive tap on the back layer to catch the metal dome and stick on the PCB.) This type you can stick it on the keypad first and then put it on the PCB, so it will be stick very firmly.

The process of manufacturer is more complicated than the noraml one, and if you stick it on, it’s difficult to peel it off. So if you haven’t any special requirements about the adhesive, we recommend you to use the Normal Custom Metal Dome Array.

You can see the structure of this item as below:

If you have the inquiry of our Double adhesive Metal Dome Array, please contact us anytime, we are glad to be at your service.

Dome Array Specifications:

1.Structure: Double Layers

2.Material: Rubber glue + Mylar + Adhesive + Spacer + Adhesive + metal dome

3.Color:  Mylar: transparent; Spacer: white or transparent

4.Thikness: Mylar: 0.05mm; Spacer: 0.075mm

5.Available Domes: c-series, F-series, T-series

6.Operating & Storage Temprature: 5-125℃