LGF Metal Dome Array

LGF Metal Dome Array, is the difference of the custom metal dome array is that there is a LGF on the top layer. LGF also means Light Guide Film.

The working principle is the use of the light reflection and refraction theory, and then let the surface of the keypad illuminated uniform and higher brightness.

As you know, the light under the keypad is coming from the LED lights and the PCB motherboard. If you use the our LGF metal dome array, you can save the seval LED lights, and the SMT fee.

Our LGF metal dome arrays are widely used in the many high value products, solve the uneven brightness, high electrical power consumption.

You can see the structure of this item as below:

LGF Metal Dome Array

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 LGF Dome Array

Dome Array Specifications:

1.Structure: Double Layers

2.Material: LGF Film + Mylar + Adhesive + Spacer + Adhesive + metal dome

3.Color:  Mylar: transparent; Spacer: white or transparent

4.Thikness: Mylar: 0.05mm; Spacer: 0.075mm

5.Available Domes: c-series, F-series, T-series

6.Operating & Storage Temprature: 5-125℃