Metal dome

Metal dome (also named snap dome, tactile dome) is the most important part of the switches. The raw material is the thickness from 0.05mm to 0.1mm stainless steel. Our metal domes(snap domes) with the good conductive to let the end-product work. The metal domes(snap domes) are mainly use in the membrane switches, printed circuit boards, flexible circuit boards, etc.

The function of metal dome is that when they are placed on the printed circuit board by means of pressure-sensitive adhesive film, in their relaxed state, the snap domes rest on the outer rim of the primary pathway. When pushed, the domes collapse and make contact with the secondary pathway, thereby closing the circuit.

Metal domes with the best return force, it can give the operator to bring a good click feeling. Meanwhile, The life cycles of our main items can reach to one million times. It wins all of our customers’ trust.

Many different shapes and tactile forces of our metal domes are available in order to meet customers’ applications. All of our metal domes(snap domes) with various choices in shapes, We have the C-series, F-series, T-series, and O-series, the diameter from 3mm to 20mm, and the force from 80g to 5000g.

We also have the many paltings for the metal domes, such as Nickel plating, silver plating & gold plating.

No matter what specifications of metal domes you need, we will do our best to produce it. Contact us for more information!!!

1. C-series
2. F-series
3. T-series
4. O-series
5. Custom
Metal domes