• 2017 Lunar New Year holiday arrangements

    2017-01-09 10:07:58

    2017 Lunar New Year is approaching now, our holiday arrangements are as follows: January 20, 2017 - - - February 5, 2017, February 2, 2017 will back to more

  • 5.1 International Labor Day Holiday Arrangement

    2016-04-28 18:44:27

    International Labour Day is coming in this week. This is Chinese public holiday, we will be closed 3 days from Apr.30 to May. more

  • 2016 Chinese New Year Holiday Arrangement

    2016-01-25 00:45:30

    The time goes very quickly, the chinese new year will coming soon. Accordint to our company discuss decision, please see our 2016 holiday arrangement.Jan.30, 2016--- Feb.14, 2016; Feb.015 back to more

  • 2015 Dragon Boat Festival Arrangement

    2015-06-19 15:10:10

    2015 Dragon Boat Festival more

  • 2015 Chinese Ching Ming Festival arrangement

    2015-04-02 09:35:23

    Ching Ming Festival is our National Holiday, so we should be closed to have a rest, please see below our arrangements: April 4 - April 6, 2015, three more

  • 2015 Chinse New Year holiday arrangement & Order Deadline

    2015-02-04 07:53:00

    The time is going so fast, one year has already passed again! So please to be noted that our company will be closed during the following period: Closing Period: Feb.10th to Feb. 28th Back to work: more

  • Our Company National Holiday

    2014-09-27 08:43:24

    The National Holiday is the longest holiday in China, and it will be coming in next Wednesday, we will have 5 days vacation. The follows are arrangement of our company: Holiday period Oct. 1, 2014 ~ Oct 5, 2014, and back on Oct 6, more

  • 2014 Our Company Dragon Boat Festival

    2014-05-30 09:08:12

    There is our traditional Dragon Boat Festival coming in next Monday. So we will have three days to relax ourselves on this period. The arrangement as below: 2014,5.31to 6.02, come back to office on more

  • China Ching Ming Festival arrangement

    2014-04-03 10:18:14

    There is our Ching Ming Festival coming, it's also our National Holiday, so we should be closed to have a rest, please see below our arrangements:April 5 - April 6, 2014, two more

  • PCB design with metal dome

    2014-02-25 07:24:03

    As you know, metal dome is the role of a switch. So metal domes are generally used in PCB printed circuit board,how do we design the PAD of pcb? more

  • 2014 Chinese New Year Holiday Arrangement

    2014-01-13 17:41:21

    Accordint to our company discuss decision, please see our 2014 Chinese New Year holiday arrangement.Jan.24, 2014--- Feb.08, 2014; Feb.09 back to more

  • 2013 Merry Christmas and 2014 Happy New Year

    2013-12-23 17:04:45

    The 2013 Christmas Day and 2014 New Year is coming soon,I'd like to be here say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Though we don't have a holiday for the Christmas, we will have a short vacation for the New Year. Please see here:Jan.01, and back to office on Jan.02, it's just one more

  • We increase the production size of dome array by laser cutting

    2013-12-18 10:46:13

    The metal dome array can be produced by laser cutting, but the largest size we can make is 80mm * 80mm before, it's relatively small,from now on, we have introduced a new laser cutting machine, the size is also can be greatly increased more

  • Halloween Day

    2013-11-01 08:14:56

    Halloween is coming on Nov. 01 each year, it's the traditional western more

  • The delivery time of metal domes and dome array

    2013-10-17 17:20:39

    For metal domes and dome array delivery time, today we are here to explain below:1, The metal dome delivery time: usually 1-3 days.2, The dome array delivery time: usually 3-7 days. more