A series of disasters in China

China recently has witnessed c,
such as a heavy sownfall at the beginning of Chinese New Year, a sabatage of Olymplic Game Relaying by Tibetan separists,
and a unprecedentally devastating natural calamity in Sichuan province.
After a 8.0 magnitude earquake rocked in wenchuan county of Sichuan province on the very day that is on May 12th,
hunderds of people died and got injured in that severe disaster.
Also countless after shocks happened again every now and then. We should give our best wishes to all of them.

It must be pointed out that we Chinese become only too strong to face up to the difficulties
ahead of them! I’m so proud to be a Chinese!

There is no love in disaster, but we have love in humans heart. We are collecting for victims of the earthquake-stricken area, please give generously.



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