Laser Cutting to make metal dome array.

Recently, We have introduced the laser cutting machine to make metal dome array, this technique does not require to set up mold. It's very suitable for small batch production.
Whether you do that the structure of metal dome array are available through our laser cutting machine to complete. In the past, like some small-volume orders 1K, 5K, It's must be set up mold. there isn't small amount of mold costs. Many customers do not want to set up mold, so that we missed Many opportunities for cooperation.
But now, we have introduced laser cutting technology, it's suitable for small volume production. The production speed is also very quick, snd it can generally meet the requirements of customers. Only by means of laser cutting to produce the metal dome array, the tolerance is + /-0.15mm, while in the mold of + /-0.10mm. More details you can visit the difference between laser cutting and  mold.

Here is our laser cutting machine:

Laser Cutting Machine

If you have a small quantity of dome array orders, please feel free to contact us, we are very glad to be at your service.


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