Normal Custom Dome Array

Our Normal Custom Metal Dome Arrays are metal dome carriers backed with adhesive tape. In this type, there is spacer attached under the Mylar that carries metal domes contacts.

Normally, the mylar is the transparent, but the spacer have the transparant and white two kinds. The function of these is the same, it’s just according to your products’ requirements.

There are air holes between the domes, it will provide the good click feeling when you pressed the metal domes. Besides this, it can help to  block duct coming into the adhesive tape.

You can see the structure of this item as below:

Normal Custom Dome Array Structure

If you have the inquiry of our normal custom metal dome arrays, please contact us anytime, we are glad to be at your service.


Dome Array Specifications:

1.Structure: Double Layers

2.Material: Mylar + Adhesive + Spacer + Adhesive + metal dome

3.Color:  Mylar: transparent; Spacer: white or transparent

4.Thikness: Mylar: 0.05mm; Spacer: 0.075mm

5.Available Domes: c-series, F-series, T-series

6.Operating & Storage Temprature: 5-125℃