O Series Metal Domes

O-series metal domes(snap domes) are the oblong shape switches that are designed widely used in the small space for the PCB, FPC, membrane switches and mobile phones. The quality of the O series is also very stable, the life cycles also can reach one million times.

Dimple and without dimple of O series metal domes(snap domes) are available. The dimple items including one dimple, three dimples, four dimples and five dimples.

The size of O series, we have the 5*3.8mm, 4*3.0mm, 11.05* 5.6mm, 17.78*8.89mm, 25.4*12.7mm, 38.1*12.7mm, 50.8*12.7mm, and the force is from 100gf to 600gf.

According to there is dimple or not, we also divide into two items:

1. NO-series: no dimple.

2. DO-series: with dimple.

Oblong metal domes

If you have the inquiry of the O series metal domes, please contact us anytime, we are glad to be at your service.


Metal Dome Specifications:

1.Materail: SUS301, SUS304

2.Plating: Nickel Pating

3.Diameter: 4*3mm, 5*3.8mm,17.78*8.89mm, 25.4*12.7mm,38.1*12.7mm, 50.8*12.7mm

4.Actuation Force: 150g, 175g, 200g,280g, 350g, 400g, 470g.

5.Contact resistance: <100 ohms; with Nickel< 10 ohm

6.Operating & Storage Temperature: -55℃ to 85 ℃