FAQ of Metal domes and metal dome array

  • What’s the metal dome production process?

    Material    IQC       Setup Mold  Prototype    IPQC
       Prototype confirmed     Mass production       Ultrospnic Cleanout     
    Appearance     QC      Package      Warehouse.

  • How many types of products do you have?

    We have the four types of metal domes, including the circle, four-legs, Triangle, Oblong shape. The available force is from 60gf to 2000gf. We also can make the domes with adhesive tape. You can peel off & then stick it on your circuit boards directly.

  • How do I make the metal domes fixed on the PCB, membrane switches, or flexible circuit boards?

    There are two ways: First, Our metal domes are stuck by means of the adhesive tap, we name it metal dome array. Second, we have two legs for the triangle shape, so you can insert the legs into the holes of PCB & then fixed.

  • What’re the packages of the metal domes?

    Normally, there are four ways to choose from, depending on your specific application. The domes can be packaged in bulk by PET bags, in cartridges, in pocketed reels, & on the polyester-adhesive sheets (metal dome array).

  • What’re the “Standard One Key Metal Dome Array” & “Custom Metal Dome Array”?

    Our “Standard One Key Metal Dome Array” is the same as the “Standard Peel-N-Place Sheet” of Snaptron. “Standard One Key Metal Dome Array” is that the individual domes attached to a square of PET adhesive tap.

    Our “Custom Metal Dome Array” is that there are several metal domes under the PET adhesive tap. You can peel off together & stick it on your PCB, membrane switches, & flexible circuit boards directly. 

  • What does the force, return force, click ratio of the domes mean?

    The force is the amount of force that when you press the dome from opening to closed position. The normal force is from 80g to 5000g & we are using the grams for the unit. The return force is amount of force is that when the dome return back to the relaxed status. The click ratio is for the click feeling, the higher, the better click feeling. But when it’s too high may affect the life of the dome.
    Click ratio=Force- return force/Force