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May 31 17

Metal dome venting design

by Andy

It is very improtant is the metal dome with venting, as it will affect the click feeling.How to design the venting of metal dome? There are three ways as below:

1. Open one line venting between the two metal domes;
2. Drill a hole on the top of Mylar;
3. Design the curved venting around the metal domes.

The first of above three methods are more commonly used, it’s very convenient and quick way. If you also need to know more about the metal dome, please feel free to contact us.

Mar 29 17

How to increase the click feeling of metal dome?

by Frank

The click feeling of metal dome is the most improtance factor of entire product using effect, but how to increase the click feeling, let’s take a look at the following.
1, Use high height of the metal domes, such as the four-leg metal dome, the circle metal dome with side dimples, the click feeling is better than others;
2, Adjust the click feeling value of metal dome, Value = (force – reforce) / force, the higher value, the better feeling, but it generally can not exceed 70%, too high will affect the metal dome life;
3, UV Plunger Metal Dome Array design;
4, The actuators of Silicone can not make too large, too large will reduce the click feeling;
5, The assembly process, to make sure the metal domes in the center. Bcause in the middle of the dome array is the best feeling.

If you need more information about the metal dome, please contact with us.

Mar 1 17

Do the metal dome force will become smaller after long time use?

by Frank

After a long period of using metal dome, do the force will be have some changed? Of course, the force will be reduced to a certain extent, and this process is to reduce the life of metal dome. Please see this formula: (A-B)/B, (the beginning force is A, according to a certain number of times down to the B), when this ratio reaches a certain value, the function of metal dome will be affected, or even dead key.

The change in the force of metal dome is related to the life of metal dome, the longer life, the longer force. And the life of metal dome is based on the material and process flow, so we welcome to purchase our company metal domes, which are high quality and reasonable price.

Dec 13 16

Venting for dome array

by Frank

What’s the Venting for the dome array? The movement of air is called “venting” and is important so that the metal dome functions properly. Lack of venting can cause adverse affects on the feel and function of the switch. While venting is not absolutely necessary for every application, it is desirable in almost all applications. When the metal dome is depressed, air is trapped underneath it. To avoid compressing the air under the dome when actuated, it is recommended that a vent channel be present.
The venting of the metal dome can be achieved a number of different ways. Some Examples: a.) vent channel can go from dome to dome via a spacer layer b.) dome arrays can be top vented through the polyester material c.) vent channel can go through the board. Not properly venting the dome will result in significant loss of tactile response.

Any further information if you need to know, please contact with us.

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